Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Mass Tort Litigation

Ulmer & Berne’s pharmaceutical, medical device and mass tort litigation team members are uniquely qualified to defend the most complex lawsuits, both from a legal and a scientific perspective. The group uses a team approach to capitalize on the diverse skill sets of its members resulting in cost-efficient, consistent representation of its clients. The group includes not only highly experienced and talented attorneys, but also medical technicians, scientific investigators, fact investigators and a highly-qualified paralegal and administrative staff, who together prepare and actively defend lawsuits against our clients.

The collective experience of our product liability, medical device and mass tort litigation members includes decades of practice in federal and state courts around the country, both at the trial and appellate levels. Collectively, our attorneys are admitted to practice in more than 18 state and federal jurisdictions. The breadth of legal knowledge among our members is reflected by the defense of our clients in all 50 states. Lawsuits against our clients involve not only the product liability and negligence laws of those states, but also often include claims under consumer protection statutes or involving federal statutory and regulatory law.

In addition, the various backgrounds of our attorneys add a unique layer of knowledge to the defense of lawsuits against our clients. Our team includes attorneys with backgrounds – including advanced degrees – in pharmacy, pharmacology, chemistry, biochemistry, medical technology, business, negotiations and engineering. Our team members also have experience in human clinical trials and have published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

March 11, 2020 – As coronavirus paralyzes the world with fear, bioscience enterprise The Gilla Company has developed and independently tested a product shown to be at least 99.9% effective in killing the deadly virus. The product, Gilla (pronounced “jilä”), received EPA registration last year as a sanitizer and disinfectant...

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