Insurance Coverage Litigation

Insurance claims are complex, and the law governing claims is evolving constantly to address new issues and arguments. Construction defects, environmental contamination, mold, concurrent causation, intentional conduct, fraud, bad faith, and allocation of losses are just a few examples of the complex claims and issues that insurers regularly must address. And potential extra-contractual exposure is an ever-present threat, should a claim be handled improperly.

Ulmer & Berne understands these claims and issues. We work as partners with insurers to resolve all manner of first-party and third-party claims fairly and equitably – to pay claims that are owed and to resist claims that are inflated or not owed at all.

Ulmer & Berne has been representing insurers for more than 50 years. We have extensive experience counseling insurers on their rights and obligations that applies to all types of policies. We regularly assist insurers in handling claims from their inception through successful conclusion. This may entail supervising claim investigations, providing coverage opinions, drafting reservations of rights or denial letters, and prosecuting and defending coverage litigation. From defending coverage litigation involving a $300,000,000 judgment in South America, to the latest coverage issues surrounding the Opioid Litigation across the United States, we understand what is important to insurers and how to prevail in the most complex of cases.

Ulmer & Berne is a full-service law firm and takes a multidisciplinary approach involving attorneys from all our practices (including tax, environmental, real estate, products liability, healthcare, construction, and corporate) to assist when claims present issues that require their special expertise.

We take particular pride in our long history of shaping Ohio law concerning insurance. Over several decades Ulmer & Berne has obtained scores of published court decisions from state and federal courts. We have a strong history and heritage of being among the leading insurance coverage attorneys in Ohio, and are committed to maintaining that tradition of excellence.

Representative Experience