Food, Beverage & Dietary Supplements

The attorneys who comprise Ulmer’s Food, Beverage & Dietary Supplements Group are versed in navigating the complex regulatory frameworks that apply to myriad products within this industry sector. Businesses operating in the food, beverage and related consumer products industries face ever evolving legal challenges in a hyper-competitive market. Whether related to labeling compliance, marketing and claims review or product safety, our attorneys help clients achieve their business goals while managing regulatory and litigation risks.

Our familiarity with the inner workings of the various regulatory agencies enables us to guide our clients in developing effective strategies for product development, marketing and promotion, product distribution, and product recalls. We provide complete, multifaceted counsel to our clients within this space, handling all applicable legal matters, including: Product Liability; Intellectual Property; Environmental; Business Litigation; Regulatory Compliance; Corporate Governance; and Labor & Employment.

Representative Experience