The attorneys in Ulmer’s Construction Industry Group have amassed decades of experience facilitating complex projects, anticipating problems before they occur, resolving disputes as they arise, and helping clients throughout the industry achieve their business goals. We advise a variety of players in both commercial and residential construction, ranging from developers to construction companies. Our clients include nationally-known contractors, national/regional architectural and engineering firms, and one of the ten-largest home builders in the country.

Led by an attorney with an electrical engineering background, our group brings a practical understanding of construction to the complex legal challenges that we solve. And in an industry where connections can make all the difference, our deep client and consultant relationships regularly add value to our clients’ businesses.

Just as construction projects require input from various disciplines, so too does our work. The Construction Industry Group brings together attorneys versed in environmental, real estate, labor/employment law, OSHA and industrial accidents, and other areas relevant to the industry. With this holistic perspective, we assist clients throughout all phases of their projects, from initial programming and contracting to close-out. When disputes arise, clients are able to call on our strength in construction litigation. The comprehensive quality of our services, along with the depth of our experience, allows us to assist on projects ranging from sporting arenas to corporate headquarters to public highways to residential homes/developments.

Representative Experience