Catastrophic Loss

Claims involving catastrophic personal injury or loss of life require experienced and immediate legal assistance. Every person’s legal situation is unique, but we understand just how important it is to help you achieve peace of mind as we work toward accomplishing your legal goals. The entire purpose for us as lawyers is to be there for you in your times of need. At Ulmer, we work hard on every client’s case because we understand that when someone seeks our help, they have oftentimes seen their future placed in jeopardy. We handle your case with care and empathy to ensure that the legal process will be free from unneeded additional stress or hardship.

Ulmer’s lawyers have the expertise to help you with a catastrophic personal injury or loss of life claim. We formulate comprehensive investigation, litigation, and settlement strategies for such claims. Our attorneys have deep experience in high stakes litigation involving plant explosions, fires, electrocutions, catastrophic automobile accidents, structural collapses, and other instances of catastrophic personal injury and loss of life. We work with the nation’s top experts in engineering, science, accident reconstruction, and other technical fields to implement our strategies and prevail in litigation. Our assembled network of experts provides a “rapid response” team for catastrophic events.

We have a nuanced understanding of the unique demands of catastrophic loss built on decades of representation. Experience in these battles is everything, and we have over 100 years of combined experience to help you succeed. Ulmer attorneys offer practical, results-focused guidance and advice. We understand the process of reaching a settlement and have a good idea of the type of settlement you can expect to achieve. However, if a solution cannot be reached through negotiation, we have the depth and breadth of experience to succeed in court in high stakes litigation.

We work diligently to obtain the best possible results for each client we serve. We take our clients’ battles personally. Our experience, unsurpassed dedication to client service, and our passion to “win” form the foundation of our Catastrophic Loss Practice Group’s success. We look forward to helping you.

Ulmer Partner Jason Conte was interviewed for a new article on regarding the June 24 collapse of Champlain Towers South in Florida. In the article, Jason speaks to the potential challenges on the road to fair recovery for the victims and their families. Jason states, “From what I heard,...

Representative Experience

  • Plaintiff was electrocuted, sustained electrical burns, and injuries to his head (which ultimately resulted in his death) when he attempted to remove equipment purchased by his employer that was not disconnected from its power source.
  • Plaintiff sustained fatal burns to the majority of his body while working as an instrument technician at a natural gas facility.
  • Plaintiff was performing maintenance on HVAC equipment on the roof of a gas station. As he was climbing the ladder to the roof, the grab rail welds on the ladder failed causing plaintiff to fall to his death.
  • Plaintiff was walking to work in a crosswalk when struck by an automobile, causing serious head and neck injuries.
  • Explosion at waste disposal facility that killed one plaintiff and left the other plaintiff permanently injured, as well as emotionally and physically scarred.
  • Multiple plaintiffs suffered occupational exposure to a toxic flavoring, which resulted in lung disease and pulmonary impairment.
  • Employee of a steel processing facility was crushed by a large steel coil when it rolled over his legs and torso, trapping him under its immense weight, eventually killing him.
  • Plaintiff, a passenger in a motor vehicle accident, died as a result of excessive drinking by the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.
  • Plaintiff suffered significant back injuries resulting in two back surgeries when she was rear-ended while driving.
  • Plaintiff suffered substantial burn injuries to 70 percent of her body caused by an explosion of pool chemicals that leaked from containers during her car trip home from a big-box store.
  • Plaintiff was killed in a two-car accident when defendant ran a red light at 30 mph.
  • Exploding tractor wheel assemblies resulted in fatalities to two plaintiffs.
  • Plaintiff involved in the fatal collapse of a 25-foot deep trench during construction of a building.
  • One plaintiff killed and another severally burned in a zirconium-related explosion at a waste incinerator.
  • Employee-caused trucking accident that left plaintiff with serious, permanent brain damage.
  • Ten-person fatality fire at a fireworks store caused by mentally challenged minor lighting fireworks in the store while the leaking fire sprinkler system was turned off.
  • Two children died as a result of defective construction resulting in motor home fire.