Ulmer’s eDiscovery Capabilities Add Value in Complex Disputes

Ulmer attorneys are adept at efficiently and effectively handling eDiscovery matters for our clients, using sophisticated tools that place us at the cutting edge of this technology area. The firm uses Relativity, the premier eDiscovery platform, as part of an overall eDiscovery strategy that allows our attorneys to provide world-class results when handling problems that arise in dealing with electronically stored information.

While Ulmer attorneys are skilled at processing and reviewing data for potential production, our team also uses its advanced eDiscovery infrastructure in novel ways to enhance how we address complex disputes. Associate Elaine M. Stoll recently used Relativity in a way that demonstrates how Ulmer maximizes Relativity’s capabilities for our clients.

“Early in my tenure at Ulmer, Jeff Schaefer and Megan Gramke, gave a presentation on the firm’s electronic discovery tools. When they described the robust capabilities of Relativity, including the ability to handle a large volume of documents and the ability through search functionality to quickly identify responsive materials, I realized that the power of this technology to enhance litigation efficiency extends beyond discovery.

Recently, I defended an appeal from defense verdicts in a multi-plaintiff product liability action that had been litigated for years across multiple dockets before going to trial. The record spanned many thousands of pages of filings and transcripts. At my request, a Relativity workspace was set up for the record on appeal. Using Relativity enabled me to efficiently and accurately sift through the voluminous record to identify the parts pertinent to the issues raised on appeal. This substantially reduced the time—and billable hours—that it would have taken to manually sort the record, and it gave me the advantage of reaching the strategy and substance of the appeal sooner. The technology and know-how of Ulmer’s eDiscovery team has benefitted my practice and clients.”

Stoll’s experience serves as just one example of the way Ulmer attorneys capitalize on the versatility of eDiscovery platforms like Relativity to advance our clients’ cases and provide them with industry leading results. For more information about Ulmer’s eDiscovery Practice Group, please click here.