Thomas Williams Provides Insights on Nirvana and Girl Scouts Trademark Cases

Ulmer Partner Thomas M. Williams was recently quoted in Managing Intellectual Property, World Intellectual Property Review, and Law360 about pressing trademark cases.

In Managing Intellectual Property’s “Hey! Wait! Nirvana’s Got A New Copyright Complaint” and World Intellectual Property Review’s, “Lawyers cast doubt on Nirvana claims against Marc Jacobs,” Williams comments on the balance between IP rights and free speech in a lawsuit brought by the rock band Nirvana against fashion designer Marc Jacobs International. The band alleges Marc Jacobs infringed the trademarks and copyright of the group’s “smiley face” logo in its designs. To read the article in World Intellectual Property Review, click here.

In Law360’s, “3 Trademark Cases to Watch in 2019,” Williams provided his insights related to the trademark lawsuit brought by The Girl Scouts of America about The Boy Scouts of America’s decision to admit girls, drop “boy” from its name, and become the “Scouts. To read the article, click here.