Ulmer Partner Jason Conte Quoted in Law.com Article

Ulmer Partner Jason Conte was interviewed for a new article on Law.com regarding the June 24 collapse of Champlain Towers South in Florida. In the article, Jason speaks to the potential challenges on the road to fair recovery for the victims and their families.

Jason states, “From what I heard, the condominium association has disclosed it only has about $30 million in property insurance and another $18 million in liability insurance, and then you’re going to be reliant on whatever the insurance limits are for any of the private inspectors that walk through the condominium. There’s not going to be an unlimited pool of money. It’s hard to see there being hundreds of millions of dollars out there for these people. I just don’t think there’s going to be.”

Another topic Jason discussed was in regards to pinning down additional defendants to maximize recoveries. Jason says, “Although there is clear negligence here — if not gross negligence — architects, engineers, contractors, etc. involved in the original construction will have a time limit statutory defense under Florida law that must be overcome. Additionally, government inspectors and officials who potentially dropped the ball could be shielded by sovereign immunity defense.”

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