Ulmer & Berne attorney David Leopold Reacts to SCOTUS Refusal to Expedite Trump DACA Challenge

Ulmer in the News
Topic: Immigration
Attorney: David W. Leopold

David Leopold, Chair of Ulmer’s Immigration Law group, gave a statement to America’s voice on February 26 with his reaction to SCOTUS refusal to expedite Trump’s DACA challenge. America’s Voice is the national messaging arm of the immigration movement in Washington.

David began his statement by saying “Today, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump Department of Justice’s (DOJ) attempt to game the judicial system in its effort to end DACA. The DOJ took the extraordinary step of trying to leap-frog over the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and go directly to the Supreme Court to ask it to lift the injunction issued by a U.S. District Court Judge. DOJ wanted to effectively prohibit USCIS from accepting DACA applications and kill the program by March 5, 2018. The Supreme Court said “no”, declining to hear the DOJ appeal.”

Please click here to read David’s full statement to America’s Voice.