In Talcum Powder Trials, Science is the Key

Cincinnati-based counsel Nathan A. Schachtman co-authored an article focusing the science behind successfully defending clients in talcum powder trials. An excerpt from the article, along with links to the full Law360 piece, appear below.

Presenting The Science Is Key In Talc Trials
From Law360
By Nathan Schachtman and David Schwartz

“Establishing a rigorous and reliable causal inference between an exposure and an adverse health outcome is one of the most difficult things to do in the health sciences. However, it is sometimes even more difficult to effectively and appropriately demonstrate that a causal relationship does not exist. 

The difficulty of this task was illustrated in the most recent talcum powder trial in St. Louis, Missouri. As was widely reported, Johnson & Johnson and talc raw material producer Imerys received the third (and largest) plaintiff verdict in their four recent talc trials (three plaintiff verdicts and one defense verdict).”

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