New Disinfectant Demonstrates Efficacy in Killing Coronavirus

March 11, 2020 – As coronavirus paralyzes the world with fear, bioscience enterprise The Gilla Company has developed and independently tested a product shown to be at least 99.9% effective in killing the deadly virus. The product, Gilla (pronounced “jilä”), received EPA registration last year as a sanitizer and disinfectant that kills germs such as the flu virus, staph, and MRSA. The Gilla Company’s pursuit of coronavirus testing is consistent with the company’s continued active exploration of the benefits of Gilla.  For example, preliminary tests suggest that Gilla protects treated surfaces for a week or more. This gives Gilla the potential to dramatically reduce the spread of coronavirus and other diseases, though those results are preliminary, have not yet been confirmed by independent laboratories, and have not been reviewed by the EPA.

Gilla uses a patented, environmentally friendly formulation not found in any other sanitizer or disinfectant on the market. The product is awaiting U.S. EPA regulatory review of its coronavirus fighting ability, and the company is exploring fast track commercialization in Asia and Europe.

Gilla is not only at least 99.9% effective in destroying coronavirus, but it also is about 94% water. Its unique ingredients helped it achieve the lowest toxicity rating available from EPA. Gilla is not harmful to humans or animals when used as directed, and its active ingredient is not reactive or corrosive. And unlike some other disinfectants on the market, the active ingredient in Gilla has not been shown to promote the growth of resistant organisms.

“Across the globe, companies are mandating that employees work from home, large-scale events are being canceled, individuals are wearing masks, and spaces where people congregate are being treated with sanitizers and disinfectants,” said Dr. Joseph Thomas, principal of The Gilla Company. “Gilla can play an important role in combating this rapidly developing worldwide health concern.”

“Given Gilla’s effectiveness in destroying other organisms, including the flu virus, we were optimistic that it would be effective against coronavirus,” Thomas continued. “Independent lab results we received last week confirmed our hypothesis, hopefully paving the way for our unique formulation to play a vital role in stopping the spread of coronavirus in a way that is safe for those who use it and gentle on the surfaces it treats.”

In July 2019, The Gilla Company won patent approval and EPA registration for a new class of sanitizers and disinfectants that kill germs using the primary active ingredient 1,2-hexanediol, which has a very low toxicity profile. Gilla is a hard surface disinfectant with a wide range of uses, such as in airplanes, hotel rooms, public restrooms, high-traffic public and private buildings, health facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, schools, childcare centers, private homes, and athletic locker rooms.

The Gilla Company is continuing its development work and seeking strategic partners who can assist the company in demonstrating the benefits of its product, including further testing with an independent laboratory to confirm preliminary test results conducted by the company suggesting that Gilla can protect treated surfaces against recontamination from some microorganisms for 7 days or more and submission of test data to EPA.

“A strategic partner would be instrumental in truly leveraging the benefits of our formulations,” Thomas explained.

While the company is gearing up for production in the United States, coronavirus presents a worldwide health crisis, and strategic partners could help the company deploy Gilla in Asia and Europe, where coronavirus already has taken a firmer hold.

The Gilla Company’s sanitizer and disinfectant formulations are protected by patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as well as by patents in Europe, Japan, Australia, and Mexico. Patents are pending in several other countries, including China.

About The Gilla Company
The Gilla Company, LLC, is a closely held biotechnology company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company was established for the purpose of researching and developing alternative antimicrobial formulations, to shepherd those formulations through regulatory approval, and to obtain intellectual property protection for those formulations. The company is now seeking strategic partners for commercialization of its products.