Michael Gross to Volunteer as Guest Teacher

Boca Raton-based partner Michael Gross will drop by the 4th-grade classes at Crystal Lakes Elementary School in Boynton Beach, FL on Friday, May 19th, to read a book as part of the Teach Children to Save Initiative. The initiative, born from a partnership between the Florida Atlantic University Center for Economic Education and the School District of Palm Beach County, brings financial industry professionals into schools as “guest teachers” to help teach kids basic financial principles, such as: saving vs. spending, borrowing, interest earned on savings accounts versus interest charged on credit cards, inflation, compounding, and the difference between credit and debit cards.

The “guest teachers” utilize fun, educational tools to keep the kids engaged and to drive home the learning piece of the event. Michael will be reading a book by Stuart J. Murphy called “Less Than Zero”. The book stars Perry the Penguin who needs 9 clams to buy an ice scooter, but Perry is not very good at saving. Michael will share how Perry the Penguin earns, spends, and borrows clams in an effort to raise money for the scooter. Then he will lead a discussion on the concepts that are revealed in the book about how to best manage your money.

For more information on this project or any of the Florida Securities Dealers Association, Inc.’s community education programs, visit www.FloridaSecurities.com.