Marrero Quoted In Law360 Article About “Daily Fantasy” Lawsuits

Daily Fantasy Wide Open For Student-Athlete Publicity Suit,” Law360, August 31, 2016

With a new football season looming, millions upon millions of people are frantically drafting or putting the finishing touches on their fantasy football teams. In recent years, a certain variety of fantasy football called “daily fantasy” enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. Sites like DraftKings and FanDuel used the very American formula of fantasy football plus a chance to strike it rich quick to gain massive followings and entrench the two companies as fixtures in the ever-growing football landscape. However, as with most things that flare suddenly into existence and generate heaping mounds of cash, lawsuits followed closely behind.

Cincinnati-based IP attorney Michael Marrero was quoted in a recent Law360 article titled “Daily Fantasy Wide Open For Student-Athlete Publicity Suit.” In the article, Mike weighs in on the newest iteration of the “daily fantasy” lawsuits that were brought by former college football players from Indiana University and Northern Illinois University.