Management Committee

Department Chairs

Howard M. Groedel – Chair, Business Department
David D. Black – Vice-Chair, Business Department
Michael N. Ungar – Chair, Litigation Department
Jeffrey S. Dunlap – Vice-Chair, Litigation Department

Practice Group Leadership

Jennifer Lawry Adams – Co-Group Leader, Health Care
Paul J. (PJ) Cosgrove – Co-Group Leader, Product Liability
William D. Edwards – Group Leader, Employment & Labor
Dolores (Lola) Garcia – Vice-Group Leader, Business Litigation
Frances Floriano Goins – Co-Group Leader, Financial Services & Securities Litigation
Daniel A. Gottesman – Co-Group Leader, Health Care
Lori Pittman Haas – Group Leader, Real Estate
Paul R. Harris – Group Leader, Business Litigation
John R. Ipsaro – Co-Group Leader, Product Liability
Marie C. Kuban – Co-Group Leader, Business Law
David W. Leopold – Group Leader, Immigration
Eric M. Robbins – Group Leader, Intellectual Property & Technology
Raymond D. Seiler – Vice Group Leader, Health Care
Douglas K. Sesnowitz – Co-Group Leader, Business Law
Frederic X. (Fritz) Shadley – Group Leader, Construction Litigation
Patricia A. Shlonsky – Group Leader, Employee Benefits and Tax
Alan M. Wolper – Co-Group Leader, Financial Services & Securities Litigation

Administrative Department Leaders

Alexis M. Dankovich – Director of Marketing
Lincoln S. Graubard – Chief Financial Officer
Lauren M. Joseph – Director of Risk Management
Shawn K. McCullough – Director of Technology
Katie M. Potoczak – Human Resources Director