Construction Insight: Understanding Material Project Delays

By Jason P. Conte

About Construction

February 17, 2022 – Over the last two years, the spread of COVID-19 has caused unprecedented delays and uncertainty in the construction industry. While project delays have always been common, the combined impact of pandemic-related work closures, global supply chain issues, and other disruptions have wreaked havoc on project milestones and completion deadlines.

As a result, many clients ask who is liable for such delays and what can be done to lessen their consequences. While all delays have costs, a delay must be material and actionable to pursue remedies. Proving a delay is material and actionable often requires favorable contract terms, critical path impact, and precise documentation. Keep in mind:

Project delays will only increase as the world continues to navigate the often unanticipated impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before pursuing any delay remedies, it is important to consider what makes a project delay material and actionable, and to consult experienced construction counsel who can help you address these challenges.

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