BowTie Cause Founder Dhani Jones Visits Ulmer’s Cincinnati Office

As part of Ulmer’s diversity efforts, we invited Dhani Jones, former Bengals linebacker and founder of the BowTie Cause, to the Cincinnati office to share his story of why he founded this nonprofit. The BowTie Cause designs signature bow ties for numerous organizations around the country that are sold to provide support to these causes, such as The Salvation Army, Autism Speaks, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Ulmer had the special opportunity to work with the BowTie Cause to design and create an Ulmer bow tie and scarf to honor our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The result was a one-of-a-kind design unique to Ulmer.

Our firm’s commitment is to put the needs of our clients first. The firm’s tagline, “Our business begins with you,” is reflective of that promise. Additionally, our tagline extends beyond the work that we do for our clients, well into our communities and all of our interactions. As we continue our efforts to focus on diversity and inclusion, we recognize that the “U” in Ulmer also represents our diverse and inclusive team, which is why we chose a design that emphasizes this letter.

We hope that anyone who wears an Ulmer bow tie or scarf will do so proudly in honor of our dedication to diversity.